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Sam Dyson is a 36th Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk. Out of only a handful of Westerners allowed to train in the Shaolin Temple, Dyson is one of even fewer who have been chosen to join their ranks.

At his ordination he was given the name Shi Miao Zun, translated as Great Honorable Respect, chosen by his masters in recognition of his dedication to and understanding of the spirit of the martial arts. These three characters became the symbol of Fight School and it's Shaolin heritage.

Fight School was set up to teach all the systems Sam Dyson learned while travelling the world training and competing throughout Asia, not only China, but Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, and also the UK. He did this to be able to understand, combine and teach all the systems he learned as a fluid, unbeatable, combat and self-defense system.

Fight School now has a number of branches in Berkshire. All of which are overseen and graded by Sifu Sam Dyson providing martial arts training in MMA (UFC), Boxing, Thai Boxing (Muay Tai), Shaolin Kung fu, Wing Chun kung fu, pressure point fighting (Dim Mak), Chin Na, Tai Chi and Chi Gung.

Sam Dyson also provides martial arts training for police foreces, members of the armed forces and security services and is a qualified Hostile Environment CPO. He coaches private clients, advises to the media, and has produced 12 martial arts training DVDs.

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